Book Review

Shigeru Miyamoto, by Jennifer DeWinter and Carly Kocurek

Published in the American Journal of Play. Volume 9, Number 1. Fall 2016

As the video game industry ages, the need to discuss game designers and their contributions becomes paramount. While there are several ways of looking at and contextualizing past milestones in the game industry—such as the books in the MIT Press Platform Studies series—Jennifer deWinter and Carly Kocurek’s Influential Video Game Designers series, published by Bloomsbury, is an attempt to move forward the conversation between the designers and their games over an entire career. 

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Under Review

The Games of Mike Singleton, 

Well-Played, 1980s European Games Issue. Submitted Fall 2016.


Updating in a digital world

-Western Front, Western Washington University. October 2012.

Covering technology for a local audience is very different than covering it for the world. Local writing tends to focus less on new iPhones, and more on how people use the technology. This story was about an independent theater raising funds to buy the new industry-standard projector. It ended up being used as the center story in the issue being published.

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PAX Speaker Withdraw Over Controversy

-Joystick Division, Village Voice Media. February 2011.

This is probably the longest (and most read) article I’ve ever written. While countless game industry members were discussing PAX and a certain Penny Arcade comic, no news source was covering it in any capacity. I felt obliged to find some sort of objective story without addressing my own opinions on the matter. It’s probably my proudest work as a journalist.

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